Kantaro - Chiba hondje geboren in Tokio, Japan

Hond van Kurt G.
15.09.2002 - 27.08.2018

I had a long life, for a dog, that is true
When I came to this foreign country
I loved it profoundly
I learned tricks from my daddy
and my mom hugged me all the time
I was so happy...

Then something happened
I could not understand
Some other people took me in hand

There I had a girlfriend called Sakura
and we made love in a fairytale garden
Sakura and I wanted lots of children
but it didn't work out
and later Sakura became too old

I received a lot of care
from this older pair
They loved me too with all their heart

Don't cry my keepers
I thank you for everything
I go now to another world
where I will rest in peace
Goodbye and remember, I loved you tender.



  • Magda Van Vaerenbergh
    2018-08-30 12:01:13
    We missen je. Sakura denkt nog steeds dat je terugkomt. Wanneer ik thuiskom met de wagen gaat ze kijken in de garage of je niet uit de wagen komt. Ze denkt dat je op reis bent en misschien is dat wel zo.
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    2022-08-12 11:52:56
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