Kat van T E.
09.03.2005 - 13.01.2018

Thank you for everything!


  • D
    2018-01-13 13:38:54
    Jour triste, mais je suis néanmoins heureux de t'avoir eu dans ma vie.
  • M
    2018-01-13 14:33:37
    What you have deep in your heart,
    You can not lose by death
  • Suricate
    2018-01-13 15:59:02
    To remember you, means to remember the kindness of your character and the joy you spread in our lives. Farewell and thank you.
  • S
    2018-01-13 16:02:24
    Vaarwel mijn eerste knuffelbeest. Je was een echt dametje. Je was ons vrouwtje in huis. Kus.
  • ME
    2018-01-13 18:47:30
    goodbye you lovable lady. I really liked you and I am grateful that I was allowed to experience you.
  • aldo baerten
    2018-01-16 20:08:05
    we will miss you Thatcher! your beauty, and friendlyness will not be forgotten, and you will not be forgotten. Thanks for being amongst us
    take care !!!
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    2022-08-12 12:05:16
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